Short stories

The following short stories are listed in (reverse) chronological order of writing. They are in a variety of formats, but hopefully I'll standardise my medium at some point and perhaps even attempt to get them published in a papery thing.

A sad but interesting end is a loose follow-on from Paths. I'm not trying to predict the future of society or science, though this story does reflect some of my thoughts on both our society and how short our lifespan is relative to the history of our civilisation. It was written between April and November 2010.

Life of nowhere emerged from the research and exploration I did of the lost village of Mavis Valley in the summer of 2010.

Paths was based on an idea that I had whilst out for a walk on a beautiful Sunday morning in the spring of 2009. I finished it (and had an idea for a loosely connected story) after a walk on another gorgeous spring day about a year later. I'd like to thank Chris Brockwell for his comments which led me to make several improvements.

The Old Bason was written in December 2009 in what was a notably cold winter. There are also some notes that you might like to read after reading the story itself. It is loosely connected to Realisation.

Realisation was written in two sessions: I wrote the first half in December 2006 and completed it almost exactly two years later in December 2008.


A Beginner's Guide to the Universe was written by Rosie Coleman and I and published by Cambridge University Press. It's a book on astronomy written for children but I've heard some adults find it appealing. It's been translated into Spanish: El Universo: Guia para principiantes.

‘The authors infuse the process of science and research into their text, letting the reader know the inside story about how theories and science ‘facts’ come into being. I’m not sure that I've ever read an introductory book in which this was done as well’. Sky and Telescope.

During the very rewarding time I spent at the Open University, I wrote substantial parts of various courses including:

Air and Earth - S216 Environmental Science, The Open University
        An introduction to astrobiology - S283 Planetary Science, Cambridge University Press


Dystopian dreams is a multi-author blog that contains various shorter pieces that I've written.

The first part of my career was spent in academia and I published about 30 papers on solar physics, astronomy, neural networks, meteoritics and related topics. I might gather them here one day, but for now you can find them via Harvard ADS.
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2 Jan 2010, 01:00