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Last swim outside in 2010

posted 31 Oct 2010, 09:04 by Andrew Conway   [ updated 31 Oct 2010, 09:28 ]
For most folk in the UK, swimming outside is something you do on holiday, most usually in a foreign land with a warmer climate. However, I've been fortunate enough to enjoy that same luxury at my local gym. For some reason I find it much more enjoyable than swimming in the indoor pool. Perhaps it's because I almost always get the entire outdoor pool to myself, but I don't think it's just that. I enjoy swimming on my back and looking up at the sky and it is important that I'm looking at my own sky, not the sky over France or Spain or America, which is somehow different. I'm not sure what if, anything, makes one sky different to another, though I do remember thinking that Montana was indeed "big sky country".

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To the left is an aerial view of the pool. I've never seen it that busy, but then I do tend to go first thing in the morning.

As the seasons change from summer to autumn and now from autumn to winter, it's become all the more invigorating to swim al fresco, probably because of the increased contrast with the sauna which I like to visit immediately afterwards.

But yesterday was my last outdoor swim in 2010 because the pool is closed until spring. Now I have something other than longer days and daffodils to look forward to in early 2011.